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Enjoy the Authentic Iranian Desert Experience at Birahe Guesthouse 

Birahe Guesthouse

Birahe Traditional Guest House 

Birahe means “off the road” which is where we welcome our dear guests. Located in Mesr village, Birahe Traditional Guest House is at the heart of Iran’s Central Desert (Kavir-e Markazi) and away from the busy city life.


  • 13 furnished rooms
  • Resturant & cafe shop
  • Toilets (sitting & squatting)
  • Showers
  • Courtyard
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Traditional iwan

All foods in Birahe are homemade and of the highest quality. We serve 3 meals per day and our guests are free to choose where they would like to enjoy it: the restaurant, the courtyard, the traditional iwan or their room.

At Birahe, we celebrate special occasions such as Nowruz (Persian New Year), Yalda Night and more in our own way. We organize live music and enjoy each other’s company, as well as upholding the local and national traditions.

It’s been a couple of years since my husband, Abbas and I left the city behind to settle down in the desert. In the beginning, we too were guests and tourists here. The desert’s charm captivated us and we had no intention of breaking free. The sand’s soft touch, the star-lit sky, the call of camel bells, and the towering palm trees are what we’ve now come to know as home. Now we host those who wish to find themselves beyond the conventional and mundane routes of life. That’s why our eco-lodge is called “Birahe”, meaning off the road. At this eco-lodge you can experience first-hand what life is like in the tiny desert village; iconic Iranian architecture, palm tree stubs now serving as seats, homemade food dished out in colorful pottery and much more attest to that. This experience is one for the eye to see, the heart to enjoy and the mind to remember.

All our effort in Birahe goes into creating a memorable and unique experience for you. We hope you will come to visit us in Iran’s Central Desert and forever keep the memory.

Full board package: 3 meals a day + Accommodation

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Feel at home in the heart of the desert Hospitality is our specialty

Birahe Traditional Guesthouse

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Manager : Marzireh Ghaderi &
Abbas MohamadiPour

+98-913-077-2071 (Marzireh)
+98-916-636-6004 (Abbas)


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